Schizophrenia Is Actually Eight Genetically Distinct Disorders, Not One

Schizophrenia Is Actually Eight Genetically Distinct Disorders, Not One

Latest research in the field of medicine has proven that the disease Schizophrenia is not a disease in itself but constitutes multiple disorders that genetically vary. As a result, each of these disorders comes with distinct symptoms. However, researchers have not been able to identify the particular kind of genes that are responsible for this illness. Mind you, 80 percent of risks are inherited. This study conducted in St. Louis-based Washington University School of Medicine is considered the foremost step in regards to finding a solution to the psychiatric problem. The research has also been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.



With a particular group of patients that are delusional, particular genetic variations interact in order that the chances of schizophrenia escalate to 95 percent. Researchers also discovered that with a different group of people who had disorganized speech their medical issues were attributable to DNA variations with 100 percent certainty of schizophrenia. Genes on their own are rather weak and do not build a strong case for schizophrenia but when they form clusters it becomes a lethal combination and increases chances of the illness. This explains why most cases of schizophrenia become impossible to avoid more often than not.


Researchers took on the task of identifying clusters of these gene variations to link them to the symptoms they found in the patients. They believed that it is possibly a good way to understand the functionality of genes to cause complex medical disorders. Scientists of the past have tried to link genes with schizophrenia but hardly any other study could replicate the association. Among all the studies before, the major bit that was common was that they concluded that genes acted independently. The latest research clears those clouds and paves way for further research, to say the least.


Scientists have concluded that this research alters the way people understand complex illnesses as well as their causes. Let us all hope that this actually paves way for more medical breakthroughs. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.