They say it is better to keep your composure when you are dealing with something valuable. It seems like the very first person in Perth to buy the Apple iPhone 6 did not pay much heed to this advice. Perhaps, he had other motives behind the purchase for all we know. Jack Cooksey waited overnight for the doors of the Apple store in Hay Street, Perth to open so he was the first in line. However, his excitement got the better of him as the iPhone 6 slid out of its case and dropped on the ground just when he was about to unveil it.

While speaking to 9News, Jack said that was extremely nervous about the phone hitting the ground and the possibility of the scene becoming a recipe for a fresh meme. However, he has been pleasantly surprised by the kind of reception this news is getting. His phone may have got scratches on the glass but Jack was still eager to get his hands on the new Apple device as soon as he could. The drop may have got his heart in his mouth but he was still just as impatient as he was before the clumsy unboxing.

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There were cases of fans in the line going berserk in Sydney. A man began to complain about queue jumpers upon which the police officers told him to move to the end of the line. Sydney was the first to get the iPhone 6 in the world so it is understandable that people travelled from all over the world to get it. Take Daud Rahimi for that matter. He travelled all the way from California with his girlfriend only to get his hands on the new Apple device after waiting three hours in the queue. Other fanatics like Jin Sik Kim from South Korea went on to spend several days before the store opened. Such was the commitment that Jin Sik Kim slept out and had his meals at the nearby McDonalds in anticipation. Would you go to such extreme lengths for your iPhone?