Japan Plans To Build World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plants

Japan Plans To Build World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plants 1
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Japan seems to be in full support of renewable energy resources. Despite the shortage of free space, it stresses on the need for exploring renewable energy resources. For this particular reason, two solar panel companies have recently announced their team up for the purpose of building two big solar power plants. The two companies are: Ciel Terre and Kyocera Corp, Century Tokyo Leasing Corp. These two structures are only part of scheduled network of a total of thirty 2MW power plants. Kyocera Corp. spokesperson claims that these floating plants are able to generate 60 megawatt power when combined together.

Floating power plants
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The first is said to be the largest floating solar power plant the world over that will be home to power capacity of 1.7 megawatt. The companies have announced that the construction of these power plants will commence on the Nishihira pond surface later this month. Just so that it is clear, the location is to the west of Osaka in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. The other solar power plant that is capable of 1.2 megawatt of power capacity is planned to be constructed on Dongping pond. It is expected that the two power plants would be sufficient to generate power for as many as 967 U.S households.

Solar power plant
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It is strongly felt that these solar power plants would help a great deal in saving land space given that they float over water. The cool temperature makes the setup an even more effective and efficient solution. Expect these power plants to be up and floating by next April.