Google’s Knowledge Vault Already Has 1.6 Billion Facts

Google's Knowledge Vault Already Has 1.6 Billion Facts 1

Google is the most visited site in the world. Any one with access to the internet is bound to have heard of it. If the internet was a building, Google would be the map that guides you around for no charge. But Google simply gives you the information that it believes will satisfy you based on the most common searches ever done. It has surely begun to give more direct answers to questions. For instance asking “What is the speed of light?” yields “299,792,458 m/s”, but more complicated questions like “Who wrote the first science fiction novel?” simply yields random websites, Google’s usual modus operandi. But Google is going further, its assembling a Knowledge Vault that will have compartmentalized, specific information; like a universal encyclopedia.

Now Google isn’t the only one pursuing this; Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and IBM are all racing the big G to the finish line. Databases like the Vault will allow voice assistants like Siri and Google Now and the Internet at large to function better.


The Vault will function by employing an algorithm that sifts through trillions of webpages to collect specific facts, interrelated bits of information and compile a database. It will do this without prejudice, searching any and all sources equally. This has raised some concerns as indiscriminate searching might lead to divulging of personal information (passwords, account info).

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Either way, the algorithm will allow trends and patterns to be recognized, upon which the future may be predicted and..wait, does any one remember Captain America, The Winter Soldier?