Apple Is Hiding iPhone 6’s Bulging Camera Lens In Its Marketing Shots

Apple Is Hiding iPhone 6's Bulging Camera Lens In Its Marketing Shots 1

Apple continues to strive for that bigger and slimmer iPhone each year. It is no different this time around with the upcoming iPhone 6. However, the significantly slimmed down design isn’t completely ‘streamlined profile’ as Apple puts it. The camera on the back is the odd one out in this case. Interestingly, many users have been unable to notice the bulge at the back of the iPhone 6 portrayed on the official Apple website. Ofcourse, there is a reason for that; while some images clearly show the bulge others simply do not show it. That begs the question: what happened to being transparent, Apple?

Apple iphone 6

Apple iphone 6


Apple iPhone 6

One could easily attribute the absence of the bulge from some images to camera trickery but it is clear that a deliberate attempt was made to conceal it. The press images of Apple iPhone 6 being altered are further proof of this disguise by Apple. It is understandable that nobody likes bulges on a phone that is renowned for its slim profile. However, it is absolutely no justification for untimely alterations such as this. Apple has tried its best to hide these bulges and it shows in a number of images. Have a look for yourself and then decide.