10 Ways To Improve Your Network Speed

10 Ways To Improve Your Network Speed

Do your home downloads move at a snail’s pace? Does it take forever to access your email on your smartphone? Although many chalk up a slow connection to their broadband provider, there are a number of factors that could be taking a toll on your network speed. Your mobile and computer settings and wireless hardware could be the culprit, along with a myriad of other problems. Try the following techniques to boost your network speed and reap the benefits of a swifter connection.

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1. Move your router

One of the most effective ways to improve your network speed is also the simplest. Simple barriers like walls and doors can interfere with your network signal. An ideal position for a router is somewhere both centrally located and up high, such as at the top of a bookshelf or staircase.

2. Get a Powerline adapter

If there are particular rooms in your home where your signal is weak, try using a powerline adapter. These boost your signal by using the existing electricity power lines in the home.

3. Update your router firmware

One way to boost your router’s performance is by keeping its firmware up-to-date. Some networking devices will display notifications for software updates, but when in doubt you can check the manufacturer’s website for free downloads. These can often fix basic connectivity issues.

4. Install DD-WRT software

Another option is to install the open-source DD-WRT software, which is designed to boost router performance and offer an array of extra features. Bear in mind that this isn’t supported by every router, and your warranty may be invalidated.

5. Buy a wireless repeater or network extender

You can buy devices that extend your Wi-Fi signal, including wireless repeaters or network extenders. They tend to be effective, although they can be costly.

6. Look for external interference

In addition to physical barriers, other electronic devices could be interfering with your signal. If your home is stocked with the latest gadgets, it could be causing electromagnetic interference. Move speakers and electronic devices away from your router, or buy a smart router that makes automatic adjustments for interference.

7. Download Wi-Fi analysis apps

There are a number of apps that can help you choose the most efficient Wi-Fi channel, avoiding overlap with other connections. One of these is Wi-Fi Analyser for Android. It shows you the best signals in your area, so that you can choose from smart WiFi with Nokia Networks or other available options at public access points.

8. Download network boosting apps

Another type of app that can boost your mobile device’s network signal is the network boosting app. Try downloading Network Booster Free or Fresh Network Booster, which work by reconnecting you to the closest reception towers automatically. These reconnect you as soon as they’re launched, giving you a fresh signal boost.

9. Use phone filters

Is your internet connected to a phone line that’s also currently used for a telephone? You’ll need filters to block out any possible disturbances. Be sure to buy the right type of filter for your internet connection.

10. Switch network providers

Finally, if you’ve tried all of these tricks and still are having problems, it may be time to switch providers. Most companies can do a line test to give you some idea of the speeds you can expect, so that you can compare your options.

There may be no single solution to your connectivity problems, but by combining several options on this list you should be able to boost your network speed!