Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers Spectacular Panoramic Views

Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers Spectacular Panoramic Views 1
Courtesy Image: Technicon Plane

Don’t you wish you could fly in an airplane which offered a view of the outside with absolutely nothing to hinder the sight? It seems like Technicon Design has answered your call. This particular international design agency recently won a prestigious award upon offering a rather innovative aviation idea. Ofcourse, it involves jets with no windows. If that is not enough intriguing for you, I can’t really imagine what is.

Windowless Plane
Courtesy Image: Technicon Plane

Rest assured, the concept proposed by Technicon Design is not meant to obliterate your view as you cruise along; infact, it seeks to improve the experience. How do they plan on achieving this feat? The idea is to film the outside environment while it is displayed throughout the internal surface of the jet’s cabin. This would ensure that the passengers are exposed to a wholesome panoramic view of the places they visit rather than something restricted to a single window. Spectacular design such as this paves way for much more exciting offerings such as pictures of movies being displayed alongside.

Planes without windows
Courtesy Image: Technicon Design

This might reek of pure gimmickry to many but removal of windows actually helps the cause of weight reduction and simplifies construction of a plane. This makes the process of the construction a whole lot more flexible. The Design Director at Technicon Design , Gareth Davies claims that the company aims to challenge current thinking by proposing a concept as fresh as this one. He believes this will convince people that things such as this are not fantasy afterall and are likely to provoke discussion.