There are so many times when we feel the urge to turn a YouTube video into a GIF and share it with family and/or friends. How many times do we turn away from doing so just because of the ugly thought of downloading a third party app to do so? We have all been there, haven’t we? It turns out you do not even have to go through that hassle anymore. The easiest way to accomplish this is to add ‘gif’ right at the start of the given URL. That is after ‘www.’ but just prior to typing’.

GIF YouTube

YouTube GIF


Just so that it is out there, YouTube has not formally introduced the tool itself. Having said that, it could be made dysfunctional as soon as the YouTube authorities get upset about this. This particular project was taken up by a team that is also responsible for a GIF-based app for messaging by the name Glyphic. Be forewarned: the latest development allows you to define a start time and the duration for which the GIF runs but do not expect it to be perfectly accurate. For the most precise loopage GIFs you will still require tools such as GIFBrewery or GIFGrabber.