It seems like the fast food industry will soon face serious disruption at the hands of mechanization. Momentum Machines has invented a device that makes burgers. Trouble is that these devices are designed to replace workers rather than assisting them in their jobs. These burger bots are far from being humanoid, mind you. It’s a complete assembly line with ingredients put in various containers. Veggies do not have to be prepared before they are moved along; the burger bot takes care of it all.

Momentum Machines, burger making robot


Question is, what is the real attraction of this particular device. Well, for starters this burger bot takes fast food in its literal sense as it churns out a burger in merely 10 seconds. Word is that the fast pace does not compromise quality one bit; infact, it is superior quality stuff. Momentum Machines defend their stance on the burger bots by suggesting that replacement of human workers cuts down management responsibilities, significant labour costs and more can be spent on enhanced services. This could mean more quantities of superior quality ingredients or better dining arrangements or even lower prices.

Momentum Machines is mindful of the fact that some people may be affected due to the incorporation of these machines. As a result, it is ready to educate those who would want to ‘transition’ to a fresh job as a consequence of this technology being adopted. They believe that it is the skills gap that creates difficulties for low wage workers to find a new job after losing one. However, one door closed paves way for another opportunity which is why the company wants to mitigate this phase for workers by commencing a partnership with vocational schools so as to offer technical training at considerable discount for those who lose their job as a direct consequence of the technology being adopted. Flexible workforce these days has access to the job market better than ever before with the widespread online network. Still, automation will present challenges that many are forced to face. Here’s wishing happy transitioning to the affected.