This Ice Cream Changes Colour As You Lick It

This Ice Cream Changes Colour As You Lick It 1
Courtesy: Diari de Girona

Regardless of whether you have read and fantasized about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you might well be fond of ice cream and chocolates. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, don’t they? How about one that actually changes colours – like a chameleon? Oh it’s true; Manuel Linares is a physicist that has invented one that changes in colour as you continue to lick it. Meet Xamaleón which is a colour changing tutti-frutti. It is served blue in colour but start licking it and see it change to pink and then purple.

Ice Cream changing colours
Courtesy: Diari de Girona

Manuel admits that the properties of changing colour are simply chemistry at work. It is the kind of thing that any food can undergo depending upon variables such as oxidation and temperature. Still, he is rather secretive about it as he waits for the patent to pass. Manuel went so far as to pursue a diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream to satisfy his love for ice cream. Some people think that these colour changing abilities could be attributed to the wide varieties of fruit or the spritz squirted on the ice cream.

Ice cream changes colour
Courtesy: Sploid

Manuel does not see this as the point where he would stop; he is aiming higher than this. Another type of ice cream is now in the works which will react to UV lights used in nightclubs. Another one by the name Xamán is expected to bring about an aphrodisiac effect, thanks to the medicinal plants used in its creation. So then, who is volunteering to be the taste tester for his next experiment?