Sharp’s Aquos Crystal Is The Most Beautiful Android Phone Ever Made

Sharp's Aquos Crystal Is The Most Beautiful Android Phone Ever Made 1

If you thought Apple and Google were coming up with technology that is seemingly out of the world, wait till you get your hands on the new smartphone by Sharp. The Aquos Crystal line of smartphones announced by Sharp, Sprint and Softbank boasts full-display design that leaves no room for bezel. Sprint has already confirmed the Aquos Crystal with 5-inch touchscreen will sell for merely $239 with no contract. Clearly, that’s the mid-ranged product in the wide range of devices. Even if you get the contract alongside, it sets you back by $10 each month if opting for Easy Pay plan.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Aquos Crystal, Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp smartphone, Sharp Aquos Crystal

What is the main selling point, then? Why that edge to edge 720p touchscreen ofcourse! The absence of any sort of bezel means that this qualifies as the first ever smartphone which truly boasts an edge to edge display. Quite honestly, it is a treat to watch. Be warned, though, this particular feature does make the phone seem a tab bit smaller than usual 5-inchers out there. As far as the software goes, Aquos Crystal will run Android 4.4.2 KitKat along with some bloatware that is pretty much imminent with contracts. In respect of hardware, it might just lag behind some of the best in the business with 1.5GB of RAM, 1.2GHz Quad core processor and storage of 8GB with the option for additional expandable memory.

Sharp profile, Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp Aquos Crystal, Sharp Aquos Crystal

Don’t worry about making or answering calls on a smartphone that apparently lacks earpiece; you still hold it the same way up to your ear like you do with any other smartphone. The software locks the display during a call in order to prevent accidental button presses. Clearly, there will be a number of people who would read this and wonder why someone would dish out money given those specs while there are better alternatives. However, considering the relatively meagre price point for this device there is really a lot that Aquos Crystal appears to be offering. Sprint claims that an announcement regarding the Aquos Crystal’s release date will be made soon.