Considering the fascination with selfies the world over, an invention like this was always on the cards. If you have not already heard of Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, this is the company that produced toasters with the ability to print Jesus Christ on a slice of bread. The same company has now designed a toaster that allows one to print a selfie on to the slice of bread. Three cheers for technology!

Toasted selfies

Burn your selfie

The basic idea is to burn an image on the slice of bread once it is grilled to golden brown. That is some way of ‘uploading’ your image and presenting it to guests. It could possibly leave them in two minds about whether they should eat or keep the slice of bread as souvenir. Perhaps that ‘do I eat it or do I leave it’ expression will be well worth the effort.

Vandetta selfie

Selfies toaster


selfie toaster

Company President, Galen Dively is proud of the company’s efforts in the creation of the first novelty toaster. There is now an entirely fresh market which was previously impossible due to high setup costs so these were confined to large organizations. Fortunately, this will set users back by only $75 which is considerably lower than $1500 (old cost).