Apple Rumored To Unveil iPhone 6 ‘on September 9’

Apple Rumored To Unveil iPhone 6 'on September 9' 1

The clouds over the Apple iPhone 6 are beginning to clear up. Reports suggest that the wraps will come off the much awaited iPhone 6 come the 9th of September. The reported media event by Apple next month might bring more news on the phone. Considering the fact that the iPhone usually becomes available for sale soon after it is unveiled, it could hit shop shelves by the 19th of September. We have seen atleast one new iPhone each year ever since Apple commenced its journey with the iPhone in 2007. This time we expect to see two new variants; one that’s 4.7-inches along with another sporting 5.5-inches display.

iOS 8

The 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches variants might well incorporate an in-cell touch panel technology which paves way for much slimmer design courtesy of the kind of films used with the iPhone 5. Expect the new iPhone 6 to come in gold, silver and space grey like the iPhone 5/5s. The all new iOS 8 will power the new phone as it was recently shown by Apple at the WWDC in June. It comes with a number of amenities such as fitness and healthcare apps like hear rate monitors and blood pressure monitors, thanks to big names such as Nike.

iPhone 6

Users of the iPhone 6 will have the power to keep home appliances under the control of their smartphones with HomeKit. The app also streamlines devices in close proximity. Say, you want to go to bed. Simply utter these words to Siri: going to bed. This will result in the thermostat being set, your doors being locked and the lights around you being dimmed. How utterly cool is that, right? Perhaps also another excuse to become lazier than we already might be. There is no doubt that Apple is beginning to make the iPhone a lifestyle device more than just a fashion statement with these new features. It is too early to say if this will make the likes of Samsung squirm a little. The Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 80 million handsets are expected to be produced by late December.

Meanwhile, you can find more about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 here. What new features do you see iPhone 6 will bring with itself? Let us know in comments.