Hate Sunscreen? This Is How The Sun Sees Your Aging Skin

Hate Sunscreen? This Is How The Sun Sees Your Aging Skin 1

“Beauty is skin deep.” This quote is definitely true if you see the world as the sun does. That is, if your eyes absorb ultraviolet light instead of visible light. In an experiment that shocked quite a few volunteers and participants, the validity of the above mentioned quote was justified. Thomas Leveritt, a US based Photographer decided to treat passersby on a street to a view of themselves in ultraviolet light.

Thomas took a video camera and showed random people on the street what their faces looked like when exposed to ultraviolet light (the camera detected ultraviolet light that was reflected off their faces). The participants of this little experiment were shocked to see their ‘flawless’ skin interspersed with dark spots. They were left looking like a pubescent teenager with a bad case of acne. What they were looking at were deposits of a skin pigment called melanin which is a sign of aging. The melanin showed them the non visible signs of aging in their skin.

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Of course the younger the participant, generally the smaller the melanin deposit. The complexions of children, babies and even some teenagers and young adults seemed to be clear of any ultraviolet blemishes, showing that their skin was perfectly young and healthy.


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Then Thomas gave the people some sunscreen to apply to their faces and they witnessed it’s work in action. Their faces appeared dark. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful UV light of the sun by absorbing all of it before it reaches the skin and so the camera couldn’t absorb the light reflected off the sunscreen because there wasn’t any.