22 Most Hilariously Disturbing Ice Bucket Challenges Yet

22 Most Hilariously Disturbing Ice Bucket Challenges Yet 1
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1. It is tough to balance yourself on a bucket

Unstable buckets
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2. Your safety comes before anything else on the list

Safety first
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3. The ice could be chilly but the lake is a killer

Cold ice
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4. Your horse is not going to volunteer at any cost

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5. The ice bucket is heavier than you can imagine

Heavy ice bucket
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6. It only gets heavier and HEAVIER

Heavier ice bucket
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Even heavier ice bucket
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8. Ice can fall out of the bucket

Falling ice
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9. It is important that you keep your clothes on

Clothes on
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10. Tables can become unsteady to balance yourself on

Unsteady tables
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11. Helmets are not necessary in the ice bucket challenge

Unnecessary helmets
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12. Your friend has butterfingers

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13. Your friends could betray you in the process

Friends betray
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14. You could get yourself in harm’s way even if not participating

Harm's way
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15. New gutters can set you back by plenty of bucks

Expensive gutters
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16. Your dad could have a great fall..like Humpty Dumpty

Falling dad
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17. It has all the potential to ruin your hair

Ruined hair
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18. You could be underestimating your own strength

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19. It is pretty hard to walk around on dry surface as it is

Dry surface
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21. Your shower curtain could give up on you any minute

Shower curtain
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22. If you are still adamant, perhaps this is the most suitable way

Right way
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