8 Things You Didn’t Know Google Drive Could Do

8 Things You Didn't Know Google Drive Could Do 1

 1. Crop photos


Crop photos google docs, google drive crop

There will always be times when you want to crop photographs and Google Drive gives a number of options for this. There is no longer the need to have just rectangles and square as you can have a smiley face shaped one or for the romantic a heart shaped one. All you have to do is open the picture, select crop and then choose what you want to do.

2. Play Around with add-ons

These are ideal when using spreadsheets and documents and the add-ons can be found in the toolbar as soon as a spreadsheet or document is opened. There is Twitter curator which will let Tweets be added into a document, Translate which as it sounds will translate your text into a different language and Easybib which allows you to provide an easy bibliography.

3. Drive Activity

Drive Activity, google Drive Activity

Here is the perfect way to tell if there have been changes made to your document. So as you will be able to see what has been done, you just open the drive, locate and click on the “I” – this is in the right hand corner – then everything you have done will appear.

4. Check Revision History

Check Revision History

If you want to check the changes that has been made, then it is possible to view up to 100 of them. It takes just 2 clicks, the first on file and then on see revision history.

5. Using Spreadsheets Offline

This is something that is being continually upgraded and is going to be a lifesaver for anyone who relies on spreadsheets to run their lives. The new features that have been added includes averageif (gives you average of specified cells) – this is going to show specified cells and their average along with various other bits of information about them. There is also no need to be online when you are using this and there is no need to worry that it will be lost, as it will automatically update itself the next time that you log online.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts


google drive Shortcuts, google drive keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to be able to get access to everything provided without wasting time then there is just the need to hit “Shift” and “?” and it will be there, The list will be pulled up by the drive and there you have it – a ready made shortcut for your shortcuts.

7. Decide who sees what

From time to time you will be sharing information on the drive and there is the option of customizing the setting to allow different viewers to have different levels of access. Certain people will be allowed to do things that others are not such as editing or posting comments.

8. Make email easier


google drive email

There is no longer any need for you to worry about the fact that Gmail will not allow you to send an attachment that is greater than 25MB as by accessing the drive, this can now be done. As soon as the email has been put together, you can choose the small drive icon and select what you want to insert. When it is you that is receiving an email you can put it right onto the drive and then move it to where you want to place it. This is done by hovering the mouse over the attachment until you are able to see the drive icon. At this stage click on that icon and move it to where you want it.

It seems that there is no end to the amount of work that can be carried out with Google Drive. The more you use it the more you will find out.