37 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

37 Dumb Yahoo Questions That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity 1

Dumb Yahoo Questions

1. Original Mermaid Spells Only

Magical Mermaid Spells

2. Little People With Broad Vision

Little People Specialties

3. Beware, Skeletons Can Chase Moms

Mom-chasing Skeletons

4. Who’s The Daddy Now?

Daddy Who?

5. Are You My Mummy?

Who's The Mommy Now?

6. Who’s Daughter Is This?

who's daughter

7. Autograph please, Jesus?

Jesus's autograph

8. Bake, unbake

Bake unbake

9. Down One Hole But Not Out of the Other

Whole Icecube

10. Those Gooey Teenage Fantasies

The Turning

11. Birds or Not?

Birdy or Not

12. Burn With The Sun

Burn with the Sun

13. Change of Race

Change my Race

14. But Why Do You…

Lizards Die but Why

15. Legality of the Situation

Legal or Illegal

16. Crocs or GAYtors?

Crocs or GAYtors

17. Turtle Needs a Checkup

Turtle Needs a Checkup

18. What a Perfect Coverup

What a Perfect Coverup

19. Hunger Games in Real Life

Hunger Games in Real Life

20. Some Evolution This Is

Some Evolution This Is

21. Flying Pigs, Yes Please

Flying Pigs, Yes Please22. Quick Tip To Lose Weight

Quick Tip To Lose Weight

23. Mirror Mirror On the Computer

Mirror Mirror On the Computer

24. Don’t Even Trust A Microwave

Don't Even Trust A Microwave

25. Toast In A Microwave

Toast In A Microwave

26. Mystery of the Vibrating Cat

Mystery of the Vibrating Cat

27. Gravity in India

Gravity in India

28. The Batman Origins

The Batman Origins

29. The Specific Ocean

The Specific Ocean

30. Alive If Not Dead

Alive If Not Dead

31. The Red Light

The Red Light

32. The Odd Smell of Cheats

The Odd Smell of Cheats

33. The Safe and Healthy Booger

The Safe and Healthy Booger

34. The Green Solution For All Hair Types

The Green Solution For All Hair Types35. Sparkling White Teeth

Sparkling White Teeth

36. Spaghetti Stains Down Under

Spaghetti Stains Down Under

37. Sun Under 30 Degrees

Sun Under 30 Degrees

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