35 Of The Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of All Time

35 Of The Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of All Time 1

1. The scary scenario

Scary scenario

2. An odd request

Odd request

3. Amazing first date, or not.

Amazing first date

4. Forever Lonely

Forever Lonely

5. Deep Down the DECK

Deep down the deck

6. The Latest Purchase

The Latest Purchase

7. One Big Boobytrap

One Big Boobytrap

8. The Irredeemable Mistake

The Irredeemable Mistake

9. Autocorrect Spells Trouble Autocorrect Spells Trouble

10. Urgent First Aid

Urgent First Aid

11. Dark Meat Meal

Dark Meat Meal

12. That’s Incredibly Generous

That's Incredibly Generous

13. The Schoolgirl Mistake

The Schoolgirl Mistake

14. What Deadly Paint Colours

What Deadly Paint Colours

15. Measurements Can Kill

Measurements Can Kill

16. The Undesireable Cuisines

The Undesireable Cuisines

17. Fun Chat With Dad

Fun Chat With Dad

18. The Killer Date

The Killer Date

19. Something Special For Easter

Something Special For Easter

20. What Hole Again?

What Hole Again?

21. Oil Change Needed

Oil Change Needed

22. Little Business Party

Little Business Party

23. Remnants of Love

Remnants of Love

24. Granny Leaks

Granny Leaks

25. What’s For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?

26. Troubled Situation

Troubled Situation

27. The Deal for Death

The Deal for Death

28. No Mercy Ever

No Mercy Ever

29. Man of Steel

Man of Steel

30. No Response

No Response

31. It Happened Again

It Happened Again

32. Poking Gets Real

Poking Gets Real

33. The Usual Victim

The Usual Victim

34. The Awkward Spill

The Awkward Spill

35. A Fishy Situation

A Fishy Situation


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