20 Tricks To Help You Become A Morning Person

20 Tricks To Help You Become A Morning Person 1

1. Labeling your hangers might just help

Labeling hangers

2. Keep the snooze button out of reach

Out of reach

Taking all those steps to get to the snooze button would have made you knocked you awake anyway. Guess it is time to wake up, afterall.

3. Keep a silent alarm that vibrates

Silent alarm

It saves you the trouble of waking your partner and having to listen to a volley of abuse. Additionally, it leaves more room for what follows. *Wink wink*

4. Morning sex for the win

Morning sex

Unless you have the unusual tendency of going to sleep during sex, the exercise will help you burn calories and release oxytocin that will surely keep you up.

5. Take aim and stop alarm clock

Shoot the clock

Taking precise aim requires concentration, which itself requires you to be alert and awake. Want to get rid of that nagging alarm sound? Better be awake to achieve that feat.

6. Play chase with the alarm clock

Play chase

An alarm clock that gets you up and running is even a better way to wake you. Chase this one to get rid of that awful alarm sound.

7. Build a sunshine simulator

Sunshine simulator

Rise and shine with the sun in your eyes.

8. Let the natural rhythms decide the wake up time

Natural rythms clock

A device such as this tracks the body rythms to start the alarm at the perfect moment.

9. Take a Blowfish


This one is the answer to hangover issues. Better get rid of the fatigue and upset stomach rather than have your head throb throughout the day, right?

10. Get a Coffee-maker with preset options


Have the device brew just moments before you have to wake up. The aroma alone will pull you out of bed and save you a chore.

11. Post warnings on that mug


12. One glass of water right after waking up

Glass of water

Increases your chances of having to pee so you would eventually get out of bed anyway. Scientific reasoning, who cares

13. Sync those sleep cycles with a tracking app

Sync the sleep

14. Reminders could help your cause


15. Leave your valuables like purse or keys on top of whatever you must remember

For the forgetful

16. Wake yourself with threatening messages

Threatening reminders

17. Even the sweet ones could work

Nice reminders

18. Easy, have a baby to look after


19. Let the utensils talk it out

Talking utensils

20. Wake Me Up

Wake me up

The application plays the role of your mom; it won’t stop the alarm until you take a given number of steps. Technology can be stubborn too, you know.