15 Secret Tricks For Your iPhone That 90% Owners Do Not Know

15 Secret Tricks For Your iPhone That 90% Owners Do Not Know 1

Owning a smartphone does not necessarily mean knowing it. The Apple iPhone is no exception in that regard. Many of us own an iPhone but it is interesting how little many of us know about a number of its tips and tricks. Let this post educate you on the 15 iPhone tricks that may still be a secret to you.

Week View

15. Week View

If you are looking to view the calendar by each week, turn the iPhone sideways while in the calendar app. Scroll through each week as you slide left and right. Scrolling up and down takes you through the hours. Mind you, it is important to have iOS 5 to be able to use this.


14. Nicknames

Want to add nicknames to your contacts and have Siri correctly register them? Simply open a contact, tap edit and then the ‘Add’ field. You will find the option to add nickname right at the bottom.

Take a Snapshot

13. Take a Snapshot

Taking snaps while holding the iPhone in one hand is sure to mess up those images. It’s much better to hold it with both hands. Simply press the ‘+’ volume rocker button on the side for the perfect shot.

Automatic Downloads

12. Automatic Downloads

It’s best to sync iOS devices if you own more than one. In order to achieve this, simply head to settings followed by Store to select Music, Apps and Books. This will sync all your iOS devices with one another.

Quick Look at Pictures

11. Quick Look at Pictures

If you want to view the last picture/s taken while taking pictures, swipe left to right with the camera app open.

Taking Snaps with Headphones

10. Taking Snaps with Headphones

This is not much different than the trick mentioned above. Simply use the + volume rocker button on the headphones while the camera app is still active.

Expand Text

9. Expand Text

It’s always convenient to have shortcuts for certain things you usually type. Simply head to settings followed by general and keyboard. Use the shortcut option here.

Double Tap and Snap

8. Double Tap and Snap

While you have the lock screen up, double tap the home button which brings up the camera button. Tap the button and take that snapshot.

Caps Lock On

7. Caps Lock On

Press the SHIFT key twice and CAPS LOCK comes on. Not tough, huh?

Extra Characters

6. Extra Characters

Hold down a certain letter to bring up various characters, each with unique styles. Choose whichever you like best.

Flagging Emails

5. Flagging Emails

Open inbox and select edit before choosing emails that need to be flagged. Mark them and then tap on flag.


4. Dictionary

Tap and hold on a particular word before selecting define. This will open up all the possible results before you.

Activate Siri

3. Activate Siri

Head to settings and general before selecting Siri. This allows you to call Siri for help by bringing the phone close to the ear.

Read Receipts

2. Read Receipts

Want a receipt each time a person reads your messages? Go to settings and messages and select send read receipts.

Reading List

1. Reading List

Safari browser’s built-in Reader displays webpage without advertisements. Selecting the reader button will bring up the post in easy to read text.

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