Rotimatic – Introducing World’s First Automatic Roti Maker

Rotimatic – Introducing World's First Automatic Roti Maker 1

The responsibility to make food almost automatically falls on women’s shoulders in South Asia. Making rotis that are always served fresh is a rather daunting task. That leaves women at the stove while the family enjoys all meals prepared. Imagine how tough the life of working ladies must be who must return home after a long day of work only to be trapped in the kitchen with this annoying task. Being an engineer, Pranoti Nagarkar understands the issues women must have with roti making every single day and this understanding led to her partnership with Rishi Israni which eventually resulted in Rotimatic.



Rotimatic is a robot intended to reduce the workload and make a good number of fresh rotis. It may seem like a bread machine; however, it makes use of robotics for a lot more. The only work required by the user is to fill the machine with oil, flour and water before pressing a few buttons to set the thickness and number of rotis.

Robotic rotimaker

Leave the rest to Rotimatic as it mixes the three ingredients, flattens and makes the dough before pushing it into the waiting tray. Congratulations, you have made yourself a fresh roti without having to bear the scorching heat.

The best part is that this is all done in a short time space of 20 minutes. That is 20 rotis in that short time! It has got to be said, though, that the price is a bit high when you compare it to a non-robotic bread machine. Preorder of Rotimatic will set you back by $599 but it costs a whopping $999 post-release.


Nagarkar firmly believes that this is still much cheaper than buying rotis that are pre-made. Ask any woman who has spent a good part of her life in the kitchen, she would absolutely love the idea of spending some quality time with the family rather than being trapped at the stove. Rotimatic provides such women that opportunity. Preorders for the machine are in process while the retail version ships in Spring next year.