Researchers Can Now 3D Print Working Blood Vessels

Researchers Can Now 3D Print Working Blood Vessels 1

Guess what, 3D printing is back in news for all the popular reasons once more. It has previously helped print organs and even pizzas for astronauts. This time around a number of researchers from Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Sydney as well as MIT have come up with a way to print blood vessels. Printing blood vessels while printing meat before was not feasible. Solid piece of flesh is not so difficult to create but pumping blood has been the tough part. The researchers have overcome these issues by printing these vessels and growing cells across these printed vessels.

3D printing vessels, Blood vessels 3D printed

The printed vessels by researchers can transport nutrients via printed tissues which allows enhanced growth. Researchers can then ‘create’ organs in a laboratory after growing human cells on a group of capillaries. This is believed to help in regenerating organs that is surely going to help plenty of people. Now you are probably never going to fall short of organs.

Blood vessels 3D printed


According to Dr. Luiz Bertassoni from the University of Sydney, “Imagine being able to walk into a hospital and have a full organ printed – or bio-printed, as we call it – with all the cells, proteins and blood vessels in the right place, simply by pushing the ‘print’ button in your computer screen. While recreating little parts of tissues in the lab is something that we have already been able to do, the possibility of printing three-dimensional tissues with functional blood capillaries in the blink of an eye is a game changer.”

[via University of Sydney]