Nissan Turns ‘Gran Turismo 6’ Concept Car Into Reality

Nissan Turns 'Gran Turismo 6' Concept Car Into Reality 1

Gran Turismo is one of the oldest racing games we know. The game is famous for its long standing relationship with Nissan. The Auto Giant recently introduced a concept car called the 2020 GT-R to the game and it looked amazing, a prime reason why the games are still so popular and critically acclaimed. The real news however is not the concept, but the car itself. Nissan didn’t stop with the digital creation of the car, they brought it in to the real world.

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The 2020 GT-R was released at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed last Thursday and it came as a surprise to racing enthusiasts and lovers of the Gran Turismo franchise. The ride looks slick and like it jumped out of a video game, which it incidentally did. The car was designed by Nissan’s team in London and were helped creatively by the Nissan Technical team in Atsugi, Japan.

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The car is set to hit auto show rooms for sale in the year 2020 but if you have a $101,700 lying around under the mattress or beneath the sofa, you can get the 2015 model now. But since most of you don’t, you’ll just have to settle for its digital version and drive it in Gran Turismo 6.

[via GRRC]