How To Turn Off Facebook Game and App Requests

How To Turn Off Facebook Game and App Requests

There was a time when I enjoyed playing games on Facebook. Then, as now, there was an option to send game requests to my friends which I used to ignore sometimes and sometimes send. That time is long gone. Not only do I not send people requests for anything, I don’t play games on Facebook anymore. But of course, there are many who do. Requests for Farmville, Cityville, Candy Crush and various other games bombard your Facebook every hour. To get rid of these annoying requests, here are five easy steps.

Candy crush

WARNING: Please know that this will disable all of your apps and games on Facebook. So proceed knowing that this is a last desperate resort.

1-      Log on to Facebook and click on the downward facing arrow at the top right hand corner.

2-      On the drop down menu, click Settings.

3-      Click on Apps in the left hand column.

4-      Beneath the Apps Settings heading find Apps you use.

5-      Click on the Edit link and click the turn off platform button.

I hope this solves all your game request problems and makes Facebook bearable.