Heartbroken Father Asked Reddit Users To Photoshop A Picture Of His Baby Daughter After She Passed Away

The kind of things editing software such as Photoshop is capable of is amazing. It might help someone feel what someone wants to feel with its cosmetic effects even if it is temporary. Something similar and somewhat strange happened as the father of a dying baby requested the picture of his baby photoshopped.

Dying baby Sophia
Nathen Steffel/imgur.com

Nathen Steffe was aware that his daughter was not going to survive long as the early ultrasound suggested. Unfortunately, the baby passed away when she was only six weeks old. Nathen requested folks on Reddit to edit the image of Sophia who had hepatic hemangioma in the liver in order that he could atleast have a memory of her without the tubes.

Sophia photoshopped
Dying Sophia
Dying Sophia photoshopped
Dying baby Sophia photoshopped
Photoshopped dying baby

Photoshopped images kept coming in the days that followed and Nathen was pleasantly surprised by this overwhelming response. People were even nice enough to approach directly via email. Infact, there was a plethora of responses that Nathen could not keep following.

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