Doctors in India Remove 232 Teeth From Boy’s Mouth

Doctors in India Remove 232 Teeth From Boy's Mouth 1

So they said you will have no more than 32 teeth when you are an adult, right? Well, how about 232 teeth instead? Ashik Gavai is a 17 year old Indian boy who had a whopping 232 teeth removed from his mouth. You would normally imagine a person that age getting teeth extracted due to the wisdom teeth blocking the passage but when one has a mouth crowded with these many teeth a surgery is inevitable, to say the least.

Most number of teeth

Doctors in Ashik’s village were unable to point the root cause (excuse the pun) when he started complaining that he had swelling and pain in his lower jaw. This was nearly 18 months prior to the surgery he finally had. The doctors gave up and referred him to a hospital based in Mumbai called J.J. Hospital. Sunanda Dhiware was all at sea about what might have led to the unusual growth and decided to perform a surgery. Omly after cutting into those gums, Sunanda discovered a great number of tiny teeth. She had to diagnose Ashik with complex composite Odontoma. The teeth are recognized as benign tumors in this rather unusual condition whereby the dentin and enamel abnormally grow.

232 teeth

The surgeons were able to extract 232 teeth during the surgery that lasted seven hours. The fact that this could not be achieved by employing traditional methods of surgery explains why it took so long. What they had to resort to was an outdated technique of using chisel and hammer to crack the Odontoma. Upon cracking it they were able to remove small teeth of variable sizes. The molar was the only tooth that required traditional means of removal. Sunanda personally believes that the maximum number of teeth extracted in this condition before was 37 but she is uncertain whether this qualifies as a world record. Ever still, this is like nothing she has experienced before in her 30 years of experience. The ‘thrilling’ surgery left Ashik with the normal 28 teeth which might make him seem relatively ordinary now but atleast he is normal.