An Investment In Yourself, Online Degrees That Pay

An Investment In Yourself, Online Degrees That Pay

Let’s face it: Everyone loves money. Even if you don’t consider yourself a mercenary money-lover, you want to make a decent income so that you can take care of your family. The problem is that to make a nice income, you need an education to land a job. But to do that, you need the time to go to school, which you don’t have between work and other responsibilities.

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It’s the dreadful catch-22. Luckily online schooling has changed that, allowing you to finish your degree on your own time. With the following online degrees, you could be looking at a big paycheck that makes the investment well worth it.

Computer Information Systems

With advancing technology, businesses will always need computer programmers to help create custom software. With an online degree in computer information systems, you can do just that, making an average of $79,680 per year. If you make your way to a managerial position–which usually requires a bachelor’s degree and five or more years of experience–you can make around $120,950 per year.


The shortage of nurses make it easy to find affordable online degrees that help you get through school and into the work field quickly and efficiently. The great thing about this field is that you can pursue higher level degrees and specialties online while you’re gaining experience, like getting a master’s with a specialty in adult gerontology. After two years of schooling, registered nurses make an average of $65,470 per year, says If you continue your schooling to become a nurse practitioner, you can make around $92,670 annually.


Getting an MBA with an emphasis in marketing is a great way to boost your paycheck since it opens the doors to numerous high-paid positions. You could work as a market research analyst making $60,300 per year; a marketing manager making $123,220 per year; or a sales manager making $108,540 per year.

Human Resources

Online degrees in human resources opens you to many career opportunities. You might start as a human resources assistant with a median annual salary starting at $36,495 per year, but you can also work your way up to become a human resource manager to make around $99,720 per year. While it may only take a bachelor’s degree and five or more years experience in the field to hold this position, you might consider getting your master’s online to boost your knowledge and chance of employment.


The financial field is another option that allows you to work in a number of positions. With a bachelor’s degree, you could be come an accountant and make around $63,550 annually. Boost your career with an online master’s degree in finance and you’ll find it easier to land a job as a financial analyst, a position that can earn you a good $76,950 per year.

Whichever path you choose to take, getting your degree online is a fantastic way to boost your career–and your paycheck–on your own time. Want more ideas? Check out these 25 best online degrees.