Amazing Secrets About Your iPhone Headphones That 95% Owners Don’t Know

Amazing Secrets About Your iPhone Headphones That 95% Owners Don’t Know 1

What is the point of owning an Apple iPhone when plenty of features remain a mystery to the user? Truth is, there are many folks the world over who are unaware of these tricks. The headphones of the Apple smartphone are home to three buttons which register a number of combinations thereby performing a variety of functions. This paves way for convenience as users do not even have to bother getting the iPhones out of their pockets. Since hardly 5 percent of the smartphone users are aware of these tricks, allow me to enlighten you with some of these secrets.

iPhone Headphones


1. Music Player Trickery

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The button in the center needs to be tapped thrice in order to rewind a song (long press third time).

Tapping the button in the center twice fast forwards the song (long press second time).

Tapping the button in the center thrice returns to the last song played.

Tapping the button twice skips to the next song (no need to long press).

Tapping the button once pauses and plays the song.

2. Answer, Swap, Switch And Ignore A Call

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Answering and ending calls is easy as ABC; simply tap the center button once like you would with any handsfree.

Press the center button just the one time to swap a call. Holding it for two seconds will end the call in progress.

While in the midst of a call, tapping the center button switches the call to the new one incoming.

Pressing and holding the button for a while before releasing it generates a couple of beeps that implies the incoming call is disconnected.

3. Take A Photo

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When you have the camera app open, pressing the volume rocker ‘up’ takes a snap. Mind you, this one is exclusive to the default camera app.

4. Activating Siri

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This might sound like a breeze but it is funny how many people are unaware of this one. In case you own Apple iPhone 4S or a newer model, tapping and holding the center button activates Siri for you.