These Finalists For the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Are Amazing

Capturing wildlife on camera is no joke; it’s proper art. Wildlife Photographer of the year competition is held each year. Organizers of the event have planned a special something on the competition’s 50th anniversary, though. It’s called the People’s Choice Award. From over 41,000 entries, a total of 50 have been nominated for People’s Choice Award by the jury this year, you can vote online for your favourite before 5 September 2014.

BBC Worldwide and Natural History Museum are proud co-owners of this year’s competition. The Exhibition will be held on 24th October at the Natural History Museum in London. That’s when the winner of the competition will finally be revealed.

Snow monkey
Courtesy: Marsel van Oosten for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Von Oosten was particularly happy about sharing details of what you see in the image above: “The minutes that followed were downright hilarious. Monkeys already resemble humans in so many ways, but when they’re holding an iPhone, the similarities are almost scary. At some point, it even managed to let the built-in flash of the iPhone go off. When the macaque decided to do some serious underwater testing, the owner of the phone almost fainted. Meanwhile, I was fully aware that this would result in some of the most original snow monkey shots ever.”

Cougar hunt
Courtesy: Stephan Tuengler for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Tom Ang from the jury appreciates how tough it is to choose the one out of many, “In this landmark 50th year we’re opening up the judging experience to the many wildlife photography fans that follow the competition so closely.” If you’ve ever puzzled over why one image wins out over another, this is your chance to have your say. But with so many outstanding shots and just one vote per person, the pressure is on to cast it wisely.”

Courtesy: Mohammad Khorshed for Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Courtesy: Stanley Leroux from Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Sea life
Courtesy: Tobias Bernhard for Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Courtesy: Justin Black for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Here’s presenting more of those crisp wildlife images. Do you have any favourites?

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