This Is the World’s Toughest Job With No Salary, Benefits or Sleep

This Is the World's Toughest Job With No Salary, Benefits or Sleep

What if you were told that there is a job that requires you to work 365 days each year? Yes, it’s a job for human beings; not robots. Crazy, is it not? Add to it the fact that it is 24/7 without any breaks or vacation or even monetary consideration! You must already be squirming in your seat at the thought of working for something like that. A total of twenty four applicants that applied for the job were also taken aback when they were briefed on the job requirements. This has to be the world’s toughest job.


This turned out to be a cleverly designed marketing campaign by an ad agency based in Boston named Mullen for Surely, once the secret of the world’s toughest job was out many candidates could not bear the surprise and were rather expressive in their response. Let us know what you feel about it.