This Pen Lets You Draw Any Colour In The World

This Pen Lets You Draw Any Colour In The World 1

An artist is always looking for that perfect blend. A writer tries to string together words that are utterly meaningless on their own into the most meaningful sentence ever written, a film director tries to emphasize a meaningless gesture into the meaning of his entire film. And a painter blends a myriad of smudges into a beautiful sunset. The right tone, the right moment and the right colours are all important tools to produce a masterpiece. For painters at least, the Scribble is the right tool.

Scribble, Scribble Specifications, Scribble penScribble is a physical version of the eye dropper tool used in MS Paint. The eye dropper tool, if you’ve ever used it, allows the user to take the colour of any picture, any document they’ve downloaded or any previous colour they’ve created in the application and use it. Scribble works in much the same way.

Scribble Specifications, Scribble pen

Scribble is basically a pen with an inbuilt multiple cartridge and a 16 bit RGB colour sensor. The way it works is this: the RGB sensor is pointed towards any object, the sensor sends a signal to the ink cartridge and the colours mix together to reproduce the colour of the object. The artist is then free  to draw with that colour or ‘scribble’.

Colours, Scribble Specifications, Scribble pen

The pen also features a micro USB port and a capacitive soft rubber tip for corrections. This technology is a part of many tools coming out for artists today including pens that can 3D print. How popular this technology will be can only be determined by time. For now, this device is not available for sale however you can preorder it on Scribble website to get 20% off the retail price – $150.