Germany Now Produces More Than Half Of Its Energy Using Solar

Germany Now Produces More Than Half Of Its Energy Using Solar

The move towards solar energy is encouraged all over the world. Germany seems to have set a world record with as much as 50.6 percent of the electricity in the country being provided using solar energy. This feat was achieved in the middle of the day on June 9th when the production of solar energy reached 23.1GW. Only three days earlier, it had reached 24.2GW from 1 to 2pm. It is safe to assume that the 50 percent barrier was also broken courtesy of a public holiday on the 9th of June.

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The fact that Germany is not considered a sunny place makes this achievement much more appreciable. For a country that is renowned for its utilization of wind energy to set such a record is really a matter of significance. The reporting of the incident has been rather awry, though. Total energy consumption is often confused with the overall electricity demand. News reports often record the 50 percent barrier being exceeded over fortnight when it was broken in a single hour.

The move towards renewable energy sources has not been a cheap exercise for Germany; it has come at quite a cost. 16 billion Euros worth of subsidies in the year 2013 helped achieve this. Though, it must be said that the cost per solar panel significantly went down by as much as 80 percent considering the level of demand that was created. This has prompted mass production in various other countries, especially those fortunate to have more sunlight. Those subsidies may have been the driving force in the move towards solar energy but Germany can easily compete on price as of now. It would not be at a rapid rate as it was before, though.

Increased awareness and clement weather has driven solar production in Germany by 34 percent compared to previous year. Considering the burgeoning success of the formula, it would not be surprising if the record is broken again this year. Here’s hoping that the rest of the world also makes advances towards pollution free alternatives to help make it a better place to be.