10 Ways To Be Productive in 1 Minute

10 Ways To Be Productive in 1 Minute

Let’s face it, when we have one minute (or a couple of minutes) to spare, it is way too easy to spend that time yakking on the phone with a friend who is dishing out the latest gossip about the “tramp” on the 5th floor, playing Farmville on your computer or smartphone. Well, because after-all, those are the activities you have time for, right?

Time, clock, 1 minute


As a matter of fact, there are lots of ways you can use your time for in order to do productive things in less than two minutes. The small time you spend performing these activities can add up over the days, weeks, months and even years – time is life’s most valuable currency, spend it well. Here are 10 ways you can be productive in 1 minute.

1. Keep A List of Things That You Need to Get Done

There is a possibility that you’d have a to-do-list, or else you would have loads of commitments that you’ll have to mentally document each day. However, it is mentally demanding to keep a good track of every single thing/task that you have to get done. When you list out everything that you need to do before the end of the week or month, you will be able to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The best part is that you will not have to keep worrying about the tasks that you need to stay on top of.

2. Make a List of Three Results that You Must Achieve Today

Simply define 3 results that you want to achieve TODAY, not tomorrow, TODAY! Then, ensure that you get the tasks done. Take that 60 seconds to list out just three things that you must accomplish today – when you accomplish your tasks, you will feel a sense of happiness.

3. Make That Important Call

If you have 60 seconds to spare, you can use it to make an important phone call. For example, you could call up a training center where you plan to take proposal writing classes.

4. Find an Activity That Energizes You, and Create the Time to Do it

This tip seems way too obvious to add to this list, but most people never take the time to do it. Do you have friends that give you loads of ideas, motivation and energy after you have spent some time talking with them? Then use that extra time to schedule a meeting with these friends of yours. If there are other things that you love to do that gives you lots of energy, such as working out, meditating etc then spend that extra minute scheduling the time to do these activities.

5. Take a Break

You may think that this activity sounds counterproductive, but taking a minute to just breathe and relax will help you be more productive. Taking a break will help you to avoid tiredness and fatigue. Taking a break will help you slow down, relax, take a few steps back from your task, reflect on it and come up with a better idea(s).

6. Download a Utility that Keeps Track of How Much Time You Spend on Your Computer

You should use that extra minute you have to download an application (app) that will help you to track just how much time you spend on your computer. You can find out where all your time went and some apps present you with a productivity score – this will help you shave off time from visiting websites that will make you unproductive.

7. Identify the Steps You Need to Take to Perform a Task that You Have Been Putting Off

Take one task that you have been procrastinating on, and identify the next step that you have to do to ensure that it is done. Doing this will make the task less unclear, and give you the urge to get the task done.

8. Rearrange Your Calendar

Get rid of activities that will not add value to you, in just 60 seconds, you can buy yourself a lot of hours.

9. Brainstorm Your Personal Priorities for the Coming Week

In 60 seconds you can decide to pencil-in filling up the forms for your part time academic classes, paying the bills etc. for the coming week.

10. Read Positive Affirmations

Reading positive affirmations will give you the mental boost you need, especially if you are feeling a little down in the dumps.