10 Records Nobody Wants To Break

10 Records Nobody Wants To Break 1

A lot of people dream of setting an all time world record, but there are some records that no one is interested in breaking. But, there are those who unwittingly broke records they didn’t plan to break, and most people (in their right senses) will not attempt to break these records.

1. Furthest Distance Thrown By A Tornado

Seriously, why would anyone deliberately want to be picked up by a raging tornado, hope to be thrown a long distance and survive the ordeal of being dropped (possibly) on their head. 19 year old Matt Sutter was sucked into a maelstrom and was carried 1,307 feet in the air. Thankfully, he woke up in a field unharmed apart from having a minor scalp wound.

2. The Heaviest Human

Obesity, Heaviest Human, fat human, fat person

No one is surprised to know that the world record for the heaviest human being went to two people from the United States! Jon Brower Minnoch broke the world record of being the heaviest man alive – according to The Guinness Book of World Records – when he reached a peak weight of 1,400 pounds. The record for the heaviest woman went to Rosalie Bradford, who got to a peak weight of 1,200 pounds.

3. The Record for The Most Prolific Parents

Productive Parents, 10 kids, ten babies

For some people, having more than one kid is just too much. Everyone feels for the Desperate Housewives’ character, Lynette Scavo – she had a really hard time taking care of 4 exuberant kids. The Guinness Book of World Records refers to an 18th century peasant, Feodor Vassilyev, who lived in Moscow’s Shuya District. This man and his two wives had 87 children! They had 4 sets of quadruplets, 9 sets of triplets, and 22 sets of twins.

4. The Largest and Most Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

By Dhanraj Wadile from Shahadah, India, endured 4 hours on a surgical table having 172,155 phosphate and calcium oxalate stones which range from one millimeter to .039 to 98 inches – all these stones were surgically removed from Dhanraj left kidney. It took the surgical team more than one month to count the kidney stones; the number came to 14,098 stones, and was acknowledged Guinness as the most kidney stones removed from a single patient.

5. Longest Amount of Time Spent On Gurney in the Hallway of a Hospital

Gurney, stretcher

A new category was added in the Guinness World record when the 40 year old Tony Collins reported that he had laid on a gurney for 77 hours and 30minutes. Collins was informed that he would have to wait for a hospital bed, and was put on a gurney in hospital hallway parked outside of a bathroom at 3pm.

6. Survivor of the Fastest Auto Crash

Donald Campbell, Fastest Auto Crash

Donald Campbell is the holder of 8 world speed records, both on water (WSR) and Land (LSR). Campbell is the only individual to break both the WSR and LSR in 1964. In 1960, Campbell broke the LSR, dethroning his father’s record.

He actually lost control of his Bluebird CN7 during his 6th test run, traveling at 360 miles per hour. The structural strength of the vehicle saved his life but he left the crash with a ruptured eardrum and fractured skull.

7. Most Hand Amputations Performed on the Same Arm


hand amputation, hand amputations

Clint Hallam had three hand amputations on one hand – not intentionally. Circular saw cut off his hand in 1984, it became infected and had to be amputated the second time in 1988. In 1998, he became the recipient of the first hand transplant.

8. Most Fatal Episodes in Just One Day

Pit Bull

A 10-month old pit bull mix named Dosha is was dubbed by Guinness as the “luckiest dog in the world”. This dog survived being hit by a pickup truck, a shot to the head and being kept in a freezer (in a plastic bag) for two hours.

9. Most Bones Broken

Evel Knievel

Robert Craig Knievel (aka Evel Knievel) suffered over 433 fractures thirty different bones, which so happens to be a world record. Evel Knievel has fractured his nose, his two arms, skull, jaw, all his ribs, collarbones, his back, and his sternum five times. He has also broken a couple of toes, right knee, pelvis, shin, left hip, ankles, and tailbone.

10. Hardest Man To Kill

Iron Mike

This is not an official category in Guinness records. There were several attempts on Michael Malloy’s by 5 devious men who took out 3 insurance policies on him. Malloy survived drinks laced with antifreeze, pure antifreeze, straight turpentine, raw oysters marinated in wood alcohol, spoiled sardine with carpet tacks, being dumped into a snow bank with cold water poured on his exposed chest and being hit by a taxi. Malloy died after being pumped full of gas by the five conspirators.