The War Within Our Immune System [Photos]

The War Within Our Immune System [Photos] 1

The immune system is an amazing protectio­n mechanism inside our bodies, designed to defend us against viruses, bacteria, toxins, parasites and all other kinds of creepy things that would love to invade our bodies. Here’s a fascinating look inside it.


A defense cell, seeking to surround droplets of oil.

The War Within Our Immune System

HIV Attacking the T-cell

T-cell, an important component of our immune system under attack from HIV.

T-cell under attack from HIV, t-cell, hiv


Produces anti-bodies to attack viruses and diseases.


On the attack

Malaria organisms have multiplied in two cells in between a group of red blood cells. One infected cell has burst open releasing the parasites to infect other cells.

On the attack, immune system
Skin Tissue

Protects against dangerous microorganisms. Also mends itself rapidly after injury.

Skin tissue
Cell eater

Cell eater
Bacteria Trap

Bacteria being trapped after an extension of a macrophage membrane.

Bacteria Trap
Breaking down invading cells

Macrophage’s powerful chemicals destroying the components of invading cells.

Breakdown, Breakdown immune system

Getting trapped by a Macrophage

A macrophage trapping bacteria with a cellular extension called a pseudopod.

A macrophage reaches out

One of mankind’s greatest inorganic threats.


A cancer cell surrounded by killer T-cells.

Mutiny, Mutiny in immune system
Killer T039s

A fibrous skeleton of a cell is left after it lost the war.

Victory, Victory immune system


A renegade immune system has damaged a femur of a 50 year old women suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Common Cold Virus

Very devious, Very devious immune system

Constantly mutates to avoid detection and releases a stream of new viruses into the system.