Every soccer lover is just waiting for the 2014 World Cup to kick off in Brazil on the 12th of June. Soccer lovers will be treated to four weeks of exciting dribbling skills, goals and statement-making jerseys. In the old days, soccer players wore really drab-looking jerseys and no one cared; maybe because jerseys were produced to be functional and not aesthetically pleasing – after all, a jersey is typically going to get grass stains, sweat, dirt and possibly someone else’s blood all over it.

Thanks to the increasing vanity level of humans, World Cup team uniforms are looking snazzy, sharp and really fashionable. Believe it or not, jerseys are among the “coolest” gear in sporting goods. Here are 10 of the glitziest 2014 World Cup Jerseys.

1. Brazil


Brasil world cup jersey, Brazil world cup jersey

It is impossible to make up a list of countries with the world’s best soccer players and leave out Brazil. The Brazil 2014 World Cup squad will definitely look dazzling in the yellow-blue kit that clearly stick out – a cool home and away kit, don’t you think?

However, the dark green alternate jersey will provide a pretty neat change of “looks” in combo with the subtle striped shorts. This Nike creation sure makes sense.

2. Portugal


Portugal world cup jersey

The Portugal 2014 World Cup jersey sure hit a homerun with its superb contrasting hues. The red home kit looks definitely hot and powerful, while the away number features an unfussy white and blue look. Another cool addition to the Portugal 2014 World Cup jersey is the Portuguese Football Federation Patch.

3. Germany

Germany Jersey

This is an awesome contrasting look. The white home number is simple, conventional and clean. The away duds features a deep red and black stripes – this will not only make the German squad look cool on the pitch, but also intimidating to their opponents.

4. Italy

Italy Jersey

Italy Jersey 2

There is no doubt that Italy’s kits still carry a classic look, and Puma does not fail to honor this heritage. The Puma Company sure produced two exceptional jerseys. The blue home shirt features a small collar and the white away jersey features light gray pinstripes – these little details make the shirts pop.

5. Argentina

Argentina jersey

Argentina jersey 2

Avid soccer fans would agree that the vertical stripes on the home Argentina home number are truly iconic. This tradition is untouched by Adidas, although the away duds are darker, they still look snazzy as well.

6. Cameroon


Cameroon world cup jersey

Okay, let’s ask the question on the lips of avid soccer fans “Is the Cameroon squad coming to the World Cup to play soccer or take part in a Best Jersey contest?” Puma sure well all out to create the show stopping Cameroon green home kit (did we just say “show-stopping?”), the bold coloring, relief design and the cute (but intimidating) lion crest makes this shirt a stunner on and off the pitch. The yellow colored away kit isn’t bad at all.

7. Mexico

Mexico jersey

El Tri green-colored home kit has a sort of superhero feel to it; Adidas gave the design of this shirt a lot of thought. The Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación crest was moved to the middle of the jersey, and this subtle change is noticeable. The red-colored away shirt with black trims will look great in Brazil.

8. Spain

 Spain world cup jersey

Adidas should be given kudos for interweaving innovation with tradition in the design of this shirt. The red home jerseys is the “look” every fan would expect from Team Spain, while the away version can be considered a breath of fresh air. The away jersey features a black-base and neon green trim – a look that can only be pulled off by a team that is known for having awesome players in the European league.

9. Netherlands



Netherlands world cup jersey

The Netherlands home jersey is orange and has a brilliant lion crest; Nike did a fine job of making the crest standout beautifully. The design on the away duds is simple, yet impressive.

10. France

france world cup jersey

Nike chose to work the whole “less is more” thing with the design of the France 2014 World Cup kits. The blue home number is traditional and classy, while the away kit is not another white t-shirt; it oozes “functional-fashion”.