10 Reasons to Use a Flip Phone Again

10 Reasons to Use a Flip Phone Again 1

Do you remember your old flip phone? It didn’t eat data or batteries and here are 10 other reasons you might want to switch back.

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1. Repels Muggers

While you might feel your smartphone will keep you safe and connected, think about it from a mugger’s perspective. That shiny new iPhone or Android could give them that reason for attacking you, so maybe that flip phone isn’t so bad afterall.

2. Indestructible

We pad our smartphones with cases and airtight screen covers. Drop it off the table and the screen shatters, a flip phone on the other hand could be dropped off a parking garage and run over in the street before their screen will shatter.

3. Battery Life

Charging your phone on a daily basis might seem like part of your regular routine now, but remember when you only charged your phone a couple times a week? The battery just lasts longer by far and who wouldn’t want that?

4. Lost, But Easily Found

Let’s think about that 400+ smartphone in your hand. If you lose or break it, it feels like your life is over! Ok, maybe not that extreme but a flip phone on the other hand is much easier and cheaper to find. Just stop at the local store and chances are you’ll be able to find it in the check-out aisle.

5. No E-mail

Sure, you might think that being able to get your e-mails to your phone is convenient – but when you get that work e-mail at 2 am or while you are on vacation its a lot less enjoyable. A flip phone doesn’t get e-mails sent to them very easily so it won’t be bothering you during your down time.

6. Compact

Believe it or not small used to be a marketing point for phones – now your phone can barely fit in your purse let alone your back pocket. With a flip phone you can keep your phone in your pocket alongside some chapstick or some money – imagine the possibilities!

7. Facebook Available

While we’re all about getting bothered less, you can get Facebook on your flip phone if you REALLY want it. There is a built-in app for the flip phone, and it will give you at least your notifications. Just don’t expect to scroll through and creep like you can on your iPhone.

8. Low Data Fees

Bye-bye $200 data phone bill! Since your phone isn’t constantly sending you notifications and e-mails imagine the amount of dough you will end up saving. What would you do with your new found cash?

9. No Butt Dialing

The flip phone is designed to flip down and protect the keyboard, but in addition it’s a lot more work to send a text message or call. Just basically all butt dialing will be eliminated from your life. What a relief right?

10. Sexy Thumbs

I mean it is almost swim season right? Ok, you might not be that concerned about your thumbs being ripped – but remember when flipping open your phone was so much fun! Yeah, think about it.

At the end of the day a flip phone is cost effective and more life efficient for you, whether you plan to actually give up those many creeper apps is up to you.