Top 10 Successful College Dropouts

6. Bram Cohen, Bittorrent

Bram Cohen, Bittorrent

Bram Chohen, a SUNY Buffalo drop out, worked for dot com companies all through the ’90s before coming up with Bittorrent. While working at MojoNation, Cohen decided to use the same technology the company was using and apply it to P2P networks. The technology was used to separate large encrypted files into small bits on several computers. This meant that to download the file users had to gather the separate bits and files from multiple computers with the program.

7. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

A well known college dropout, Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to the creation of Facebook was portrayed in a movie with Justin Timberlake. As a psychology and computer science student at Harvard, Zuckerberg started his work on Facebook. Not long after in his sophomore year, Zuckerberg dropped Harvard to focus full time on providing us a public forum that changed the internet.

8. Bill Gates, Microsoft

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Ok, we probably don’t have to tell you what company Bill Gates founded, but just in case he is the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest and most influential Americans today. Gates stayed at Harvard for three years and doesn’t like to term himself a “dropout.” Gates told a Reddit AMA he had enough credits to graduate but just didn’t go forward with it.

9. Jake Nickell, Threadless

Jake Nickell, Threadless

“Threadless,” the community based t-shirt company, was co-created by Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHard with only $1,000 to their name. Nickell was an art student at the time of the start up and after only two years decided to quit his job and the art school to work full-time with the company.

10. Michael Dell, Dell

Michael Dell, Dell

This might seem like a no-brainer too, but Michael Dell is the founder of Dell computers. A billionaire today, Dell dropped out of the University of Texas at the tender age of 19 where he was studying biology. However, Dell spent most of his time, what else, building and selling computers from his dorm room. Toward the end of freshman year, Dell was make $80,000 a month and decided to move forward with a company rather than college.

We aren’t saying you have to dropout of college to get crazy rich, but if you have a great idea we’re just saying it won’t hurt you.