This Device Can Recharge Your Smartphones in 30 Seconds

How many of you are tired of having to spend hours on recharging your smartphone devices each time they run out of juice? I am guessing all of us absolutely hate to spend that much time on devices that are hardly going to last treble the time of the recharge. It seems like times are about to change for the better for poor souls like us. What if I told you there is a battery that incorporates nanotechnology such that it charges any smartphone in a matter of 30 seconds? No, it is not supernatural. StoreDot has showcased this amazing new thing during the Think Next conference.

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The prototype can charge your smartphone up to 100 percent in merely 30 seconds. Small conductive crystals called nanodots are what give it these lightning fast charging properties. As of now, the prototype is pretty big in size, as big as a laptop charger. No worries, though. StoreDot plans on dumbing down the size of the finished product to your traditional phone battery. Ofcourse, that will take quite some time since the product is only just a prototype for now. Reports suggest that it will not become commercially available until late 2016.

The Cofounder and CEO of the company, Dr. Doron Myersdorf believes that it is not without its disadvantages even at this point. The first and foremost let down is the fact that the industry is simply not prepared for a product like this. During his conversation with TechCrunch he also said that StoreDot will be looking to incorporate new kind of materials into a wide variety of devices other than just smartphones. Other than that, there is absolutely no word on the pricing of the smartphone charger except for the fact that it would sell for atleast double the price of a regular charger available in the market these days. That is totally understandable considering the kind of potential it packs in comparison with the rest. Infact, twice the price might be a bargain.

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