Taking Selfies Is Allegedly a Mental Disorder, Doctors Say

Taking Selfies Is Allegedly a Mental Disorder, Doctors Say 1

So you thought taking selfies is cool, huh? Perhaps you would like to think about it differently from now on. Taking selfies has been officially tagged as ‘selfitis’ by the American Psychiatric Association. Following a satirical post on selfies on Adobo Chronicles, the APA declared this new trend of taking pictures of oneself a mental sickness. Arguments in favour of selfies usually revolve around the fact that the amount of pictures some people need are difficult to count at times; they find it more appropriate to do the job themselves rather than engaging another person to do the honours for them.

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Egyptians are quite renowned for their satirical scripts from the ancient times. A really famous one, by the name The Instruction of Dua-Khety, appreciates students while making a mockery of hired labour. It is not at all uncommon in the modern day and age either. Infact, satire and mockery are the kind of elements that act as breeding tools for anonymous users on the internet. However, a study in 2008 suggested that humour helps predict levels of intelligence. The 200 participants in the study engaged in question/answer sessions as well as drawing tasks. Ratings on the basis of humour levels were compared to the results achieved.

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Adobo Chronicles later discussed how selfitis adds fuel to one’s ego. The article had stated a total of three phases of the mental illness starting from chronic to acute and borderline. Each phase is decided by the frequency of selfies taken by an individual and how often they are uploaded for all and sundry to view. Interestingly, the satirical post on Adobo Chronicles has been mistaken by many websites, including Yahoo! India, as a serious post. Though, the website did later post an error note to confess that it really fell for the joke. It makes for quite an interesting April’s fool joke, one would imagine. However, that does not seem to be the real intention of the write up originally posted by Adobo Chronicles. Or is it?