The process of tumor removal off an organ is a complicated one. If that tumor is formed in a remote location, there is a threat of causing harm to the fragile tissues around it during operation. That explains why surgeons usually rely on CT scans before operation to plan the operation accordingly. With new scientific inventions and discoveries, this problem seems to have found its fix. Thanks to Kobe University researchers, 3D printing a patient’s kidneys can help recreate the exact image so that surgeons can plan the surgery more accurately than ever before. Ofcourse, these 3D models would mimic the tumor as well.

3D printed kidney
Courtesy: European Association of Urology

Now comes the interesting part where you get to know how this comes about. The research team uses CT scans that surgeons review before the operation in order to recreate the same image using 3D printing. The 3D printer prints out the kidney using two varying materials in a way that the vasculature as well as the tumor is easy to tell apart from the other organs. As a result of this the surgeons can easily spot the tumor that is hard to spot while the operation is underway. The video above demonstrates this with the help of a da Vinci surgical robot.