5. Flu Predictions

flu outbreak, Flu Predictions

A study was done of 167,995 tweets, and the study found that Twitter can predict flu outbreaks! Woah. Apparently, identifying tweets related to illness allowed Twitter to identify 9 out of 11 cities with flu outbreaks.

4. Money Crunch

twitter loss, twitter

You might think working at Twitter is a great idea and career boost. However, while the company’s worth is currently estimated at $30 billion, it has never made a profit. Actually, in 2013 the company reported a loss of $645 million!

3. Fiddy’s Payout

50 cent

It’s great following your favorite celebrities, but just remember to take what they say with a pinch of salt – and more specifically don’t take financial advice from them! Rapper 50 Cent made $5 million by encouraging his Twitter followers to buy stock in H&H Imports. It turns out that Fiddy was part-owner of the loss-making business.

2. Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia

More than any other country, Saudi Arabia’s internet users are most active on Twitter. A whopping 33% of Saudi Arabia’s internet users are active on Twitter. Meanwhile in the US, only 11% of internet user are active on Twitter.

1. Bobbi Eden

Bobbi Eden

Full of promises, Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden promised in 2010 to pleasure all her followers. Her 100,000+ followers were psyched, but it was only on one condition – if Holland won the FIFA Word Cup. Eden never got to fulfill her promise though when the team lost in the finals.

Bonus: Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

The most retweeted tweet ever was the ‘Ellen De Generes’s star-studded selfie’, taken during this year’s Oscars. As of now, the tweet has been forwarded by more than 3m people.

For many of us Twitter is a familiar friend – someone we share our schedule, opinions, and not-so-secret secrets with. We’re sorry to tell you about all of this, but we thought you should know.