This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on One Drop of Blood

This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on One Drop of Blood 1

Are you one those people who feels that a week is too long a wait for blood tests to produce a result? Maybe you are stressed due to the long wait and eager to get your results earlier. Afterall, the earlier the results arrive the earlier you are familiarized with your exact health condition and can take corrective measures accordingly. Elizabeth Holmes, an entrepreneur also thinks alike and reimagines phlebotomy for a more detailed and speedy diagnosis.

Elizabeth Holmes

Holmes believes that all that’s required is a sample that is as little as the size of a raindrop which can be used to run up to 30 tests. The results of all 30 tests can be produced within a day rather than having to put patient through a week of distress. A report by ECRI institute revealed that nearly 70 percent of the errors in results were a cause of the long journeys that blood samples have to take between various facilities. Differently calibrated lab equipment used by various vendors also doesn’t help this cause.

Holmes came up with a solution in Theranos testing that involved a variety of tests coupled with follow up reviews which took no longer than two hours. The entire work is carried out on site instead of having to send out blood samples to other facilities. That significantly reduces the chances of errors and produces much more accurate results.

Blood test

The services by Holmes’s company are offered at less than half the rate of that charged by most others. Take cholesterol measurements for instance; they cost $2.99 if tested at the site against $30 charged elsewhere. The approach to blood testing is pretty much the same, though. Differences mainly lie in the sample size and automation of processes. Holmes is also careful about the fact that excessive amounts of blood are not drawn which is usual practice at some medical centers.

Holmes wishes to have testing sites established within walking distance of everyone’s place. Holmes has plans of expanding the start up from California and Arizona throughout this year. Let’s wish her the best.