Leaked iPhone 6 Diagram Reveals Device With A Larger Than 5-inch Display [Photo]

Leaked iPhone 6 Diagram Reveals Device With A Larger Than 5-inch Display [Photo] 1
Courtesy: Nowhereelse.fr

All rumours so far have been pointing us to the possibility of the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 to arrive in a total of two sizes; one had been rumoured to be 4.7 inches while the other was allegedly going to be 5.5 inches. The latest leak comes in shape of a document that suggests that the Apple iPhone 6 will be one 5.5-ish smartphone.

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BGR was able to spot and report what seemed like a diagram uploaded on one Chinese website. Ofcourse, this didn’t hold much credibility until the same diagram appeared on a French blog by the name Nowhereelse.fr that is renowned for leaking tech images well before the release of products. The iPhone 6 was going to be no exception, ofcourse. It is possible; though, that these are dimensions for just one of the two iPhone variants.

The rumoured length of the new iPhone is 5.9 inches while 3.3 inches of width might be the kind of upgrade to complement it. The exact dimensions on paper read 4.87 x 2.32 inches. Given those figures alone, the rumoured iPhone 6 shows signs of significant upgrade compared to the most recent iPhone 5S. Interestingly, this makes Apple’s smartphone even bigger than a number of renowned Android devices such as the HTC One.

iPhone 6 Specs
Courtesy: Nowhereelse.fr

If this does come to pass, it would be the first time that Apple enters that 5-inch territory. Even for a fresh entry like that, boasting 5.5-odd inches puts the Apple smartphone in the phablet category. Needless to say, Samsung was the first to introduce the phablet range back in the year 2011, courtesy of Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 only got bigger and better. Infact, even the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone pushed its limits to that territory just recently. Smartphone makers like LG, HTC ad Nokia have also been following the trend which is no surprise.

All in all, the new leak is a leak afterall. Hence, it is better to take it with a pinch of salt for now.