Google Announces ‘Android Wear’ – The Future of Android Smartwatches

Google Announces 'Android Wear' - The Future of Android Smartwatches 1

The focus on wearable gadgets is escalating by the day. Google seems to be taking the hype pretty seriously. You guessed it right; smartwatch technology is the focus here. Android Wear announced by the company this Tuesday is the latest Android variant of wearable gadgets. Google confirmed that Android Wear would not just be restricted to smartwatches, but it is certainly the starting point.

Google Android Wear, Android Wear

The initial impressions of the Android Wear depict a concept that is very similar to Google Glass and Google Now. It comes across as a wearable gadget that supports voice commands. Google also aims to target the medical field with this one. The idea is to allow apps and users to access it with ease.

The purpose of the hardware itself is to provide timely updates to users. These updates could range from instant text messages to app and game updates. This would make technology such as this a reliable companion to carry for users.

Google Android Wear, Android Wear

What would a smartwatch be in the absence of some useful apps? Practically nothing. Google is surely mindful of that fact. This explains why it felt the urge to release a preview variant for developers to come to grips with. This way more developers can get familiar with the hardware and offer app support for this particular device. More so, extra resources and APIs have also been announced for release later.

Google has been vocal about its corroboration with brands like LG, HTC, Asus, Motorola and Samsung in order to bring out the best in Android Wear. Furthermore, it is closely working with chip manufacturers like Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm to accomplish this. Interestingly, fashion brand such as the likes of Fossil Group has also been made part of the mix. Just so that you know, Fossil smartwatch project was supported by Microsoft SPOT in 2000s.

It is heartening to see increasing competition in the smartwatch industry with Android Wear. It remains to be seen how well it fares against the likes of Pebble smartwatch. All in good time, I would imagine.