Top 10 Mad Scientists

6. Dr. Henry Jekyll

Henry Jekyll

Not all mad scientists focus their experiments on the dead or other helpless victims. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a famous mad scientist who focused his experiments on himself – or more specifically his good and dark natures. His goal was to create two entirely separate people, a totally good Dr. Jekyll and a completely evil Mr. Hyde. However, when experiments go wrong murder and chaos follow.

7. Rotwang


Rotwang, from Fritz Lang’s 1927 Metropolis, created the look and lab for all mad scientist movies to come. With Tesla coils, pipwork, and every switch imaginable, Rotwang creates a robot version of his late wife to get revenge on his enemies. Aww, how sweet?

8. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Best known for his film appearance as an evil genius pitted against James Bond, Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s literary character actually has a scientific background in “radionics.” However, Blofeld’s real contribution seems to be becoming the go to cliché for supervillains in popular films.

9. Doc Brown

doc brown, Doc Brown

Not your typical evil mad scientist, Doc Brown still manages to make plenty of trouble with his well meaning inventions and experiments. His best known invention? A DeLorean time machine, that he manages to use to change the course of history and other exciting adventures that have to be made right.

10. Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Eldon Tyrell

From Ridley Scott’s 1982 Blade Runner, Dr. Eldon Tryell is the epitome of the greedy, God-complex madman with the ultimate case of hubris combined with power lust. The doctor met his end in one of his own creations, as catharsis demanded.

Whether well meaning, curious, or straight up evil these mad scientists take the award for twisted experiments, weird creatures, and inventions. They also win points for mayhem and death throughout fictional history.