Eating Low-fat Yogurt Reduces The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes [Research]

Eating Low-fat Yogurt Reduces The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes [Research] 1

Have you been noticing any symptoms of diabetes lately? If that is the case, you might want to kiss your beloved pack of potato chips goodbye for good. “What do I eat to survive the scare”, you might wonder. The latest research conducted by University of Cambridge scientists and published in Diabetologia suggests that low fat yogurt can really help your cause. The results from the study suggest that regular intake of yogurt can reduce the probability of type 2 diabetes by half. Grab your bowl of yogurt now as we delve into the details of this healthy research report.


The study was targeted at more than 25,000 people based in Norfolk, England. The daily diet record of 753 people, who were suffering from type 2 diabetes, was randomly compared to that of 3500 people from the healthy population. This exercise helped relate the risk to consumption and non-consumption of yogurt.

Lead scientist at University of Cambridge, Dr. Nita Forouhi is convinced that the research suggests that certain foods can prove crucial in cutting down the chances of type 2 diabetes. However, Dr. Forouhi does caution that the research does not necessarily prove that dairy products eliminate the risk of diabetes.

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Regardless of the practicability of this study, it goes without saying that yogurt contains various health benefits for every one of us. The presence of calcium, fatty acids, magnesium and vitamin D means that yogurt boosts immunity and also contributes to weight loss. Two to three cups a week do the job, nicely.

Do note that the study does not cover flavored forms of yogurt. In case you are unaware, those kinds would contain sugar up to 27 grams. That stresses the fact that you must be mindful of the number of calories your diet contains. Not only will you be able to reduce chances of type 2 diabetes  but you will feel a lot healthier than ever before.

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Here’s hoping that this piece will not just boost sales of yogurt in the local market but it will also help spread health benefits to all and sundry.