Apple iWatch Could Predict If You’re About to Have a Heart Attack

Apple iWatch Could Predict If You're About to Have a Heart Attack 1

Heart attacks have accounted for plenty of lives in the past, and continue to be a cause of concern. Lack of awareness and inability to timely act make a stroke an inevitable occurrence. In such times of need, the situation only gets worse if one is short of a partner to help through the distress. Ofcourse, it’s not probable to predict a heart attack just like that. What if you were told there was a device in the making that would make this possible? As per various reports, Apple plans on delivering with possibly another wearing device, the iWatch.

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Apple’s audio engineer, Tomlinson Holman, has been focusing his efforts on technology that could accomplish this. The sensor technology would study the sound of blood as it flows through the arteries. In a case of blood struggling through a clogged artery, the varying sound would help identify the grave situation.

This latest report has only lead to more rumours of a wearable device that could monitor the sound of one’s blood. The iWatch would make use of optoelectronics in order to study the heart rate and blood oxygen level. The sensors on the device will also help keep check on one’s fitness level and other significant factors.

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The fact that Apple recently hired the services of a medical-device expert, Marcelo Malini Lamego and various other medical and fitness experts only further proves this. Unsurprisingly, Apple is also reported to fuel the store with health-related iOS apps. Things don’t quite lend credence to the saying, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The device itself will operate on an app by the name, Healthbook, on the iOS 8. The app is expected to contain fitness stats that will include details such as walked distance, burned calories, level of glucose, level of hydration, heart rate and blood pressure.

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We will know in good time how well the iWatch turns out to be. However, the initiative is commendable and might well contribute to more competition as companies fight for more such medical breakthroughs.