The Top 10 Best Products From CES 2014

The Top 10 Best Products From CES 2014 1

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, showcases thousands of the world’s largest gadgets and gizmos. Not all of them are as useful as the rest so here are the 10 so you don’t have to try them all.

10. Flir One

flir one, Flir One heatmap

Let’s say you want to turn your friend or family home into heatmap – there’s an app for that now! The Flir One detects and displays live thermal images on your phone. How is this useful? Maybe you need to check for a friend planning a prank on you? Who knows.

9. HABU Mood-Based Playlist

habu mood, HABU Mood Based Playlist

The HABU mood-based playlist works to build a playlist that is tailored to your mood. The app’s mood is based on a range between “Dark,” “Calm,” “Positive,” and “Energetic” that allow the user to create their mood-based playlists.

8. LG HomeChat

lg homechat

The LG HomeChat makes forgetting your shopping list or getting your house chores done while you’re away easy. You can text your fridge to see what is inside, your washing machine to start, or your robotic vacuum cleaner – handy if you have unexpected company on their way.

7. Panono Camera Ball

360 camera, Panomo Camera Ball

Ever take a picture but get disappointed that you can’t fit every nuance of the moment in? Here comes the Panono Camera Ball! Just throw it in the air to have amazing 360 degree photographs that get every angle and memory. Throw it gently though!

6. Pebble Steel Smartwatch II

pebble steel, Pebble Steel Smartwatch, pebble smartwatch

The stylishly efficient Pebble Steel smartwatch’s second generation model is being hailed as one of the year’s most exciting product – has been released today. You can find more about Pebble Steel here.