‘Pebble Steel’ The World’s Best Smartwatch Gets Fashionable

'Pebble Steel' The World's Best Smartwatch Gets Fashionable 1

If you have been following the CES 2014, you might be up-to-date with the various smartwatches showcased at the event. With big names like SONY, Samsung and Qualcomm jumping right into the competition with their offerings, Pebble still continues on its merry ways. Pebble smartwatch showed impressive results by finding home on over 300,000 wrists in the first calendar year of its availability. Pebble Steel now comes across as the newer and improved successor. Let’s find out what makes this smartwatch the best in the business.

Pebble Steel, pebble smartwatch

The foremost improvement that the Pebble Steel sees is in terms of its design which is immediately obvious. While the predecessor resembled a fitness watch, the successor oozes business class. One variant in matte black is coupled with a metal strap while the other is a brushed stainless steel construction.

Although its 1.26-inch size is the same as one on the predecessor, the Pebble Steel smartwatch’s square-shaped e-paper display sports narrow bezel. The stainless steel on the smartwatch attributes to its compactness and extra bit of weight at 56 grams. The smaller buttons on the side are more convenient to use on the go.

Pebble Steel display, Pebble smartwatch

You can’t judge a smartwatch by its hood, alone. The successor is more or less the same as the original Pebble in this regard. The 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor, waterproof rating of maximum five atmospheres and maximum seven days rated battery life are the usual amenities. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 shielding the glass e-paper display might be a relief for some. The tri-colour LED is also a nice upgrade to the predecessor. The Pebble Steel restricts users to storing a maximum of eight applications as the original Pebble smartwatch, despite having more room.

Speaking of software, Pebble 2.0 is the real deal. The upgrade is developer-friendly and works as smooth as silk with the new Pebble Steel. Users may now download a number of free apps and watchfaces from a centralized app store. Navigating between apps is made easier by finding them stacked under the main menu. Moreover, the archive of notifications presents sufficient information so that one doesn’t miss a thing.

Pebble Steel apps, Pebble Steel display, Pebble smartwatch

Now available for pre-order at $249, Pebble Steel smartwatch definitely deserves all your attention for its killer design and the punch it packs.